Spartan Restoration's Joel Dant:
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Joel Dant

CEO, Spartan Restoration | Chief Visionary Officer, Swift Services

A 10-year veteran of Aspen Contracting, Joel built upon his relationship with Tim Nussbeck to start his own company. Today he's the CEO of Spartan Restoration and Chief Visionary Officer of Swift Services.

Swift Services

A Unique One-of-A-Kind Partnership Committed To Servicing You

These three companies created partnership to provide a solution to storm restorations contractors that has been missing from the market. This partnership has quietly been building these systems for over 5 years that are used by many of the largest storm restorations contractors in the US. This unique partnership is more than a software service. A true business in a box model where we connect sales, marketing, and business operations with the leading industry experts for a simple user experience.


What is ScopeAssist?

ScopeAssist is the only onsite scoping tool that guides you through the inspection process and automates EagleView roof measurements, inspection data, photo management, and material lists to generate an accurate Xactimate estimate in 90 seconds.